The evolutionary card game has been a real revolution in the field. In the desire to counter the system of collectible card, asking us to spend all our nest egg in boosters without knowing the cards in advance, the evolutionary card game arrived with a very different postulate: you buy such package, here the content and its usefulness in the game. This postulate allowed later to create true mutations of the genre, to vary the pleasures: confrontation game, narrative, cooperative

With the success of its original version on stage, a JCE version is ordered. The game offers a very special system: in each box you will find a complete scenario, divided into several missions. This is how many cycles were created, taking over the places and mythical monsters of Mr. Lovecraft. In the basic box, which we are chronicling today, we present you this first bow, The Night of the Zealot . To know that Horror Arkham – The card game , is playable up to four players, it is of course part of these titles that we advise you mainly two. The game is really well balanced for this precise configuration. To know that the basic box proposes the Night of the Zealot, a cycle divided into three scenarios.

Immerse yourself in the horror

Horror at Arkham – JCE is a one to four player card game in which you will play inspectors who will solve different mysteries more or less terrifying. As you may have seen in other games in the Arkham Horror lineup , you will have to move from place to place in order to advance the plot and respond to different challenges in order to advance in the main storyline. Once you have chosen your character, a starting deck will be built, offering you objects and actions to achieve. Each character also works with skills: Will, Intelligence, Fight, Agility. It will be up to you to use your strength to obtain the required number of indices and advance the scenario.

Each game turn is divided into several phases: phase of the myth (from the second turn), phase of investigation, phase of the enemies and the phase of maintenance. Among these phases, the phase where you will act the most is the investigation phase. During this end of the round, you will be able to perform three actions among: Draw a card, win a resource, activate a capability, engage an enemy, investigate a place, move to a place, play a card, try to escape a enemy or fight this one.

The goal when you arrive in the study for the first time, will be to look for clues in order to get the required number, written on the map, to move forward. Two piles of cards advance the story thus: the act deck and the deck intrigue. The act deck will allow you to move forward in the story, to unlock new places and characters, while that of intrigue will make you meet the occult forces. The Horror intelligence at Arkham – JCE , is to have managed to get involved in a world simply with cards: the descriptions are very well written, the illustrations of quality, and the progression gives us really this feeling of to advance slowly without knowing what is really going on there.

An evolutionary game taking and hypnotizing

Horror in Arkham – JCE is one of those very addictive games from the first moment. This is the great strength of the entire Arkham range, this ability to transport us into a universe, that of Lovecraft. Of course, such a game depends on the quality of its scenario but we must not forget that it is a game that has a game mechanics very well thought, especially in the long run. Too bad to end up with a fairly standard box does not initially create a backup of his personal game deck, but we can very quickly get around this.

This willingness to be played in time, Horror at Arkham – JCE understood it very well. Whether with these cycles, running on many scenarios, or adding independent story, and even now package, changing a few cards cycles to add difficulty, everything is propitious for you to fall into the madness of the game of FFG. If we talk about the madness, as many warn you right away, the title of Nate French and Matthew Newman is difficult, very difficult. If The Night of the Zealot may seem simple in its first scenario, things get tougher faster than you might think and if you are not prepared, the game can end quite quickly.