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Along for the adventure Embark on the World of Twelve and dive into the great adventure of WAKEFUL, a massively multiplayer online role-playing game in the original universe, where tactical combat rhymes with humor and action (yes, it rhymes!). Climb Mount Init in the footsteps of Ogres, the ogre responsible for the cataclysm that has devastated the world, or trace your own path to the archipelagos under reconstruction.

Become a warrior, politician, trader or craftsman, but do not forget ,In WAKFU, everything depends on you.

Play as  original classes Online Money Earning Chumba Sweeps Cash Games

From Steamer, a robot saboteur, to Enutrof treasure hunter, from the maniacal Dodger to Explosives to Xelor Time Master, find your ideal character among 17 original classes .

Each of them has unique spells and specialties, the evolution of which depends on the way you play!

Tactical turn-based combat

In WAKFU, the fights take place on a turn-based basis .

Plan your strategy and coordinate your efforts with your teammates to defeat the craziest creatures in the World of Twelve. Your character has many characteristics, you choose your way to become the strongest and collect a lot of loot at the end of each fight …


Following the cataclysm of Chaos d’Ogrest, the world is in ruins. Everything has to be rebuilt: whether you are a fighter, a trader or a craftsman, in WAKFU, everything depends on you!


In WAKFU, you can become a citizen of one of the four nations of the game. During your political career, you will be able to occupy a position to serve your nation, a role that gives you additional rights and duties. . Will you manage to become the supreme position by being elected governor of a nation by the other players?

Master the ecosystem

The fauna and flora form a true living ecosystem! Kill too many Gobballs without giving them time to reproduce, and they will disappear forever. Roast too much wheat without ever replanting it, and it will be your last harvest …

You are free to protect or exploit natural species until they are totally extinct. Your world, your decisions . But it will also be up to you to assume the consequences.

Quests and conquests of dungeons

More than 70 dungeons for all levels of players await you, from the Beginner zone to the end of the Nations, but also from the different islands …

Because WAKFU is also islands outside the nations, each with their own history, quests, dungeons and unique rewards.

All of this will take you through hundreds of original quests and adventures. And if you feel the community spirit, you will go even further with your guild, why not own your own Haven World.

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