Where to find virtual assistant websites

Today I answer the question of a listener, who asks me how to find a vasumo.

What are you really looking for?

The REAL question is: how to find the best person in the world who can help you today?

Why should we be limited to people from the surrounding 5 Km? With the Internet, we now have access to the best in the field, all over the world, so enjoy! Do not leave with the sole optics to pay less, but rather to find THE person who can do the best job to achieve your goal, that you save time, and therefore money!

Sites to find virtual assistant websites


ELANCE.COM platforms have just merged. They are English-speaking and French-speaking, with virtual assistants from around the world. Operation: Once you have identified a wizard for your task, you will agree on a fixed or hourly price. System security: for hourly tasks, there is a time tracking, with automatic photos taken from the wizard screen so you can check that it is working on your task.


Francophone platform based in Quebec. You pay to put your ad, then you can hire an assistant.


Francophone platform based in France. It works a little differently, by unit purchase, 1 unit = 15 minutes of time, or 1 simple task.


We pay a flat rate ($ 99?) Per month, and we can give UNLIMITED tasks! Types of tasks: administrative, internet searches, uploading, reservations, etc. The first free assistant takes the task, which allows a speed of execution, but as often as possible, the same assistant takes care of your projects.


The basic tasks are run from $ 5! We can start with a $ 5 task with an assistant, then work with him again for other tasks if he meets our expectations. Ideal for: design, logo, etc. but any task too.

How to make a virtual assistant websites recruitment?

We can go around in circles for a long time without having the expected result if we do not ask in the right way. It can be very long to find the right person.

What I suggest: Start with a very well-defined task, sharp, do not have a too general task. Describe precisely what you expect as much as possible. Often, there are performers = people who do very well the given instructions, and presto, it’s over.

 My collaborative work tools

You can use tools or platforms for collaboration and document sharing, such as Evernote, OneNote, Basecamp, and so on. to describe the task exactly as you want it, and for the wizard to see all the instructions. You can do tutorials, screencasts, etc.

Develop your way with your virtual assistant.

Do not limit yourself to local talent. Get the best person for your project, your business, for yourself.

For more knowledge :https://annaburtonvirtualassistant.co.uk